Fall 2013 Alumni News

Blast from the Past courtesy Cliff Stoll

Just in time for the fall LPL newsletter—thanks for the wayback machine, Cliff Stoll (LPL class of 1980)!

It's retro rocket time inside my attic. I came across a couple photos of the first graduate students from the Dept. of Planetary Sciences. Just scanned 'em in. These were all the grad students in 1976. Gerard Kuiper admitted the first grad students in 1973, so none of us had yet finished grad school. The crazies included Chris Benner, Bob West, Bob Howell, Bruce Cordell, Martha Leake, Guy Consolmagno, Cliff Stoll, Jon Gradie, Kevin Housen, Wayne Slattery, and Carl Allen.

Warm cheers to all,

-Cliff Stoll (on a balmy Monday afternoon in Berkeley)