Fall 2013 Department News

Dan Cavanagh Supports Student Travel

Travel, whether to conferences or to work in other laboratories, can be crucially important for students’ career development, but is not always easy to fund. For the last several years, the Shandel Fund has provided some support for student travel, but the number of applications has, not surprisingly, exceeded the capacity of the single fund. This year, in addition to the Shandel Fund, Dan Cavanagh, the director of LPL’s External Board of Advisors, helped to fund trips for three LPL students:

  • Kelly Miller attended the Goldschmidt Conference (the annual meeting of the Geochemical Society) in Florence, Italy, and presented a paper there;
  • Michelle Thompson traveled to Houston to work in the laboratories of NASA Johnson Space Center;
  • Cassandra Lejoly, an undergraduate student minoring in Planetary Sciences, traveled to Denver to present her work at the meeting of the Division of Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society.

Thanks to Dan for his support for these students (and thanks to all the students who keep dreaming dreams that make such support necessary).