Fall 2013 Department News

LPL Welcomes Seven New Graduate Students

Patrick Harner; M.A. in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Weslayan; B.A. in History, College of William and Mary; interests in remote sensing and geochemistry.

Tad Komacek; B.S. in Geophysical Sciences, B.A. in Physics (Astrophysics), University of Chicago; interests in planetary formation and evolution, extrasolar dynamics.

Margaret LandisB.S. in Physics and Astronomy, Northern Arizona University; interests in impact cratering, disks, solar system formation.

Sarah PeacockB.A. in Astronomy-Physics, University of Virginia; interests in exoplanet atmospheres and astrobiology.

Molly SimonB.S. in Geophysical Science, University of Chicago; interests in planet formation, extrasolar planets.

Xianyu Tan; M.Phil of Planetary Science, University of Hong Kong; B.S. in Geophysics, University of Science and Technology of China; interests in planetary dynamics, exoplanets, Kuiper Belt.

Hannah TanquaryB.S. in Physics (Astronomy) and Computational Physics, Eastern Illinois University; interests in exoplanets, minor planets, asteroids.