Fall 2013 Department News

Starlight Science Cinema

This summer, LPL graduate students, led by Rob Zellem, worked with the UA College of Science to develop and organize the Starlight Science Cinema concept. Starlight Science Cinema features free science-themed movies screened outdoors on the UA campus, hosted by UA scientists who talk about their research, conduct a Q & A about the movie's premise, and, when appropriate, debunk the films' scientific themes. LPL grads took the lead for the first two outdoor movies, "October Sky" (hosted by Professor Peter Smith) and "Armageddon" (hosted by Professor Dante Lauretta). October's film feature, "The Day After Tomorrow," was hosted by the Department of Geosciences, with UA climatologist Julia Cole discussing the film. "A Beautiful Mind," hosted by the UA Math Department and featuring panelists Joanna Masel (Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and Lotfi Hermi (Assistant Professor, Mathematics), was featured on Saturday, November 2.

Kudos to all the students who worked to make these events a success!