Spring 2013 Department News

2013 Classified Staff Excellence Award

Congratulations to Terry Forrester, recipient of this year's LPL Staff Excellence Award, and kudos to Bert Orosco, cited as an honorable mention for the award. 

Terry Forrester is Systems Programmer Principal for HiRISE. He has a long history of service to The University of Arizona and to LPL, having begun his campus career in 1983. His colleagues recognized his service and dedication to his work, citing his availability at all hours (evenings and weekends!) to manage systems issues, coordinates maintenance schedules to minimize disruptions (even with remote HiRISE investigators located around the world). Terry was also praised for his ability to reconcile conflicting need, resolves user concerns cheerfully, and to follow-up on issues and installations. His co-workers also wrote that Terry is proactive about maintaining desktop computers for staff. His quick response time saves time and resources. Terry consistently goes beyond assigned duties by assisting with troubleshooting problems with other systems/computers.


Compared to Terry, Bert Orosco has been at LPL a relatively short time. However, she has made her mark as the "face" of LPL in the Academic Office. Bert has distinguished herself with her creativity and has improved upon many office procedures, in addition to taking on new and ever-changing duties. 

We appreciate all you do, Terry and Bert!