Spring 2013 Department News

Encountering Life in the Universe

by New UA Press volume edited by Impey, Spitz, and Stoeger

LPL alumna and E/PO lead for OSIRIS-REx, Anna Spitz, is one of the editors of a new volume (September 2013) from the University of Arizona Press.Encountering Life in the Universe: Ethical Foundations and Social Implications of Astrobiology, edited by Chris Impey, Anna H. Spitz, and William Stoeger, "examines the intersection of scientific research and socity to further explore the ethics of how to behave in a universe where much is unknown."

UA Press

University of Arizona Press

September 2013
272 pp.
6 x 9
6 illustrations, 4 tables
ISBN 978-0-8165-2870-7 $39.95 paper