Spring 2013 Department News

LPL Staff Colloquium Series

The first two installments of what is hoped will be a regular series of talks referred to as the LPL Staff Colloquium were held on Thursday, February 7, and Tuesday, May 7.

In February, members of Professor Alfred McEwen's HiRISE team spoke about their work and roles on the mission project. The colloquium was held in the Sonett Building and refreshments were served.

The May colloquium featured a talk by OSIRIS-REx Principal Investigator Dante Lauretta and a tour of the Drake building and the meteorite collection housed there as part of the Southwest Meteorite Center.

Department Head and Director Tim Swindle initiated the Staff Colloquium Series to bring together personnel who are now located in three buildings (Kuiper, Sonett, and Drake) and do not have occasion often enough to meet colleagues on other projects and in other buildings.

OSIRIS-REx Deputy PI Ed Beshore talks OCAMS during a tour of the Drake Building.