Spring 2014 Graduate Student News

Ali Bramson Wins College of Science Outstanding Teaching Award

LPL’s Ali Bramson won the award for Outstanding Teaching at the 7th Annual College of Science Graduate Student Awards. Ali was recognized for her work in developing a year-long seminar course called “Entering Research (LASC 397A).” The course, which Ali taught this year, introduces undergraduates to all facets of the research endeavor.

In addition to the award for teaching that Ali won, the College of Science gives out awards to graduate students for Outstanding Scholarship and Outstanding Service and Outreach. Juan Lora and Melissa Dykhuis were LPL’s nominees for the latter two awards.

The award was announced at a reception held on April 16, sponsored by the College of Science and the Associate Graduate Council for the College of Science (AGCCS). Ali’s award marks the third consecutive year that an LPL graduate student has won one of the three awards. Given that our graduate students are competing against excellent students from 11 other departments, having a winner three years in a row speaks to the excellence of the graduate students we have.

Congratulations, Ali!