Spring 2014 Graduate Student News

Recognition for PTYS Undergraduate Minor

Congratulations to PTYS undergraduate minor Cassandra Lejoly. For Spring 2014, Cassandra was named Outstanding Senior for the Department of Astronomy. Cassandra presented her research at the Astronomy Department's Graduating Astronomy Major Research Symposium on April 24. Her abstract is provided below. In the fall, Cassandra will be attending Northern Arizona University as a graduate student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Cassandra Lejoly. I will present the periods of repeatability of individual coma features in Comet 1P/Halley measured using the position angle at different spatial distances from the nucleus in consequent cycles. I found that separate features appear to have different periods of repeatability within the same images, perhaps depending on the corresponding source regions on the nucleus. The periods of repeatability of coma morphologies will be presented as a function of time from the perihelion. I will also discuss the current work being done on the outflow velocities of the dust as well as the comprehensive modeling of the comet’s features.