2021 Galileo Circle Scholarships

2021 Galileo Circle Scholarships

Congratulations to LPL's 2021 Galileo Circle Scholarship recipients: Claire Cook, Indujaa Ganesh, Kana Ishimaru, Tyler Meng, Patrick O'Brien, Laura Seifert, Amanda Stadermann, and Zoe Wilbur. 

Galileo Circle Scholarships are awarded to the University of Arizona's finest science students and represent the tremendous breadth of research interests in the University of Arizona College of Science. Galileo Circle Scholarships are supported through the generous donations of Galileo Circle members. Galileo Circle Scholars receive $1,000 each and the opportunity to introduce themselves and their research to the Galileo Circle patrons.

Claire Cook
(Advisor: Shane Byrne)

Seeks to understand climate and habitability throughout the solar system using remote sensing and modeling of icy deposits.

Indujaa Ganesh
(Advisor: Lynn Carter)

Studies volcanic landforms on planets like Mars and Venus to understand how a planet’s volcanic past and changes in volcanic style through time shaped its surface that we see today.

Kana Ishimaru
(Advisor: Dante Lauretta)

Analyzing asteroid Bennu’s layered boulders using OSIRIS-REx remote sensing data to understand the implications for the geologic processes that occurred there in the early solar system.

Tyler Meng
(Advisor: Jack Holt)

Research interests include geophysics, glaciology, and surface processes.

Patrick O'Brien
(Advisor: Shane Byrne)
Using numerical modeling to study surface processes, creating a generally applicable landscape evolution model for atmosphereless bodies like the Moon, Mercury, and Ceres.
Laura Seifert
(Advisor: Tom Zega)

Analyzes circumstellar grains preserved inside primitive meteorites using transmission electron microscopy.

Amanda Stadermann
(Advisor: Jessica Barnes)
Studies lunar basalts to better understand the Moon in preparation for future sample return missions.
Zoe Wilbur
(Advisor: Jessica Barnes)

Investigating the history of volatile loss in Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 basalts utilizing a coordinated analysis campaign.