LPL Newsletter: November 2018

Thursday, November 1, 2018

While last month’s LPL Newsletter had a distinct volcanic theme, the focus this month is on near-Earth asteroids.

OSIRIS-REx is getting closer and closer to a December rendezvous with asteroid Bennu. The spacecraft is now close enough to acquire images that are sharper than those that had been obtained from the ground with the Arecibo radar. One of our stories links to the first such image to be released.

A second article highlights recent work by LPL graduate student Teddy Kareta, who has been studying the near-Earth asteroid Phaethon, and finds, based on spectroscopic measurements, that it has a unique “color." Phaethon is interesting for several other reasons, including the fact that it gets close enough to the Sun to heat its surface to 800 degrees Celsius and that it is the source of the Geminid meteor shower. 

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Timothy D. Swindle, Ph.D.
Director and Department Head