LPL's Stories of the Year

Dec. 18, 2017

As always, there have been lots of news stories coming out of LPL this year. We’ve highlighted many of them in the monthly newsletter, but you can find a complete list on our website under LPL in the News. Some of this year’s highlights include OSIRIS-REx searching for Earth Trojans, and completing its Earth Gravity Assist, HiRISE celebrating 10 years of successful operation at Mars and providing the data to put a damper on the spectacular claims for liquid water on the surface of Mars, Cassini having its Grand Finale at Saturn, many of us viewing the total solar eclipse, and theoretical studies suggesting the presence of an undetected planet-sized object in the outer Solar System. We’ve also added a state-of-the-art transmission electron microscope in the basement of the Kuiper building, and a student-built telescope on the roof. Stay tuned for more science, exploration, and discovery in 2018.

Newsletter Published: 
January, 2018