Hamilton, Ranjan, Robinson Named 2023 Scialog Fellows

Research Corporation for Science Advancement, the Heising-Simons Foundation, the Kavli Foundation and NASA announce awards totaling more than $1 million to eight interdisciplinary teams in the final year of Scialog: Signatures of Life in the Universe, an initiative launched in 2021 to catalyze fundamental science in the search for life beyond Earth.

Scialog is short for “science + dialog.” Created in 2010 by RCSA, the Scialog format supports research by stimulating intensive interdisciplinary conversation and community building around a globally important scientific theme. Teams of two or three Fellows who have not previously collaborated compete for seed funding for novel research projects based on the ideas that emerge at the conference.

The 21 individual awards of $50,000 in direct costs will go to 19 researchers from a variety of institutions in the United States and Canada.