Nininger Meteorite Award, Arizona State University

Arizona State University
Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies
The Nininger Meteorite Award recognizes outstanding student achievement in the meteoritical sciences as embodied by an original research paper.  Papers must cover original research conducted by the student.
Year Student Paper Title
2023 Wilbur, Zoë The Effects of Highly Reduced Magmatism Revealed through Aubrites
1964-1965 Hartmann, William K. Terrestrial and Lunar Flux of Large Meteorites through the Solar System History
1977-1978 Newsom, Horton Primitive Metal Condensates from the Solar Nebula, a clue from the Bencubbin Meteorite
2010-2011 Berger, Eve Honorable mention: Evidence for aqueous activity on comet 81P/Wild 2 from sulfide mineral assemblages in Stardust samples and CI chondrites
2011-2012 Schrader, Devin Honorable mention: The Formation and Alteration of the Renazzo-like Carbonaceous Chondrites II: Linking O isotope Composition and Oxidation State of Chondrule Olivine
2013-2014 Daubar, Ingrid The current martian cratering rate