321Science! | Asteroids v. Comets

Download Asteroids v. Comets (MP4, 13MB)

OSIRIS-REx presents a new 321Science! video about the differences and similarities between asteroids and comets. This video explores the ways in which scientists are discovering that asteroids and comets may be more alike than different. 

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Music: Feeling Positive by Matthias Harris
Narrator: Hannah Tanquary.

Thanks to the 321Science! team: Anna Spitz, Symeon Platts, Melissa Dykhuis, James Keane, Tiffany Hawley, Heather Roper, Zoe Bentley, Rose Patchell, Sarah Spitz, Hannah Tanquary, Rob Zellem, Ross Dubois, and OSIRIS-REx Scientists and Educators. 

OSIRIS-REx Presents 321Science! posts entertaining videos about asteroid science and mission information. OSIRIS-REx is a NASA New Frontiers mission which will launch to asteroid Bennu in 2016 and return a sample of the asteroid to Earth in 2023.