321Science! | How Do We Find Asteroids?

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How do we find asteroids?

OSIRIS-REx presents a new 321Science video about the search for asteroids. This video explores how scientists discover asteroids. This is the first in our Targeting Asteroids! series, which will look at how scientists find asteroids, characterize them, and the role the OSIRIS-REx Target Asteroids! program plays in these efforts. 

And for more information on some asteroids that once discovered might need stopping, check out Bill Nye's explanation on AsapSCIENCE, Could we stop an asteroid?

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Music: Feeling Positive by Matthias Harris

Thanks to the 321Science team: Anna Spitz, Symeon Platts, Melissa Dykhuis, James Keane, Heather Roper, Zoe Bentley, Rose Patchell, Sarah Spitz, Hannah Tanquary, Rob Zellem, Ross Dubois, and OSIRIS-REx Scientists and Educators. 
Narrator: Carl Hergenrother.

The 321Science Team thanks Dr. Cynthia White, Professor & Director of the Basic Latin Program, University of Arizona, for helping us pronounce Mr. Titius's name correctly. 

OSIRIS-REx Presents 321Science posts entertaining videos about asteroid science and mission information. OSIRIS-REx is a NASA New Frontiers mission which will launch to asteroid Bennu in 2016 and return a sample of the asteroid to Earth in 2023.


Asteroids, comets, meteors


May 16, 2014


Hergenrother, Carl