Earth Faculty

Lynn Carter

Associate Professor

Jack Holt

Professor, EDO Director

Other Researchers Working in Earth

Sarah Sutton

PTYS Graduate Student, Scientist, Photogrammetry & Image Processing

Support Staff Working in Earth

Michael Christoffersen

Research Specialist

Betsy Woodhouse

Program Manager

Earth Dynamics Observatory

Combines the University’s strengths in space exploration, instrumentation, and earth sciences to learn more about our planet. Collecting information about Earth from space provides new information about how Earth systems work, how they are changing, and how humans might anticipate and respond to changes. Integrating UA’s expertise across diverse disciplines, in partnership with agencies and industry, allows researchers to collaboratively pose questions, design instruments to acquire the data needed to answer the questions, get the instruments into space to collect and transmit the data, analyze the data, and interpret its meaning. The results, especially when combined with ground-based data, will place the university at the forefront of understanding and educating others about how our planet functions and how we can mitigate and respond to hazards.