2024 Refereed Publications with LPL-Affiliated Authors as Queried from SAO/NASA ADS and Google Scholar by Month

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2024: 18 Publications, "Lunar and Planetary Laboratory" ; "Lunar & Planetary Laboratory" ; "LPL"

Names in boldface have LPL as their affiliation.

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January 2024

18 publications

Aponte, J.C., Séguin, F., Siguelnitzky, A.J., Dworkin, J.P., Elsila, J.E., Glavin, D.P., Connolly, H.C., Jr and Lauretta, D.S. 2024, Meteorit Planet Sci. Molecular distribution and 13C isotope composition of volatile organic compounds in the Murchison and Sutter's Mill carbonaceous chondrites

Arregui, Iñigo, Leibacher, John, Mandrini, Cristina H., & van Driel-Gesztelyi, Lidia 2024, Solar Physics. Editorial Appreciation

Bland, Michael T. & Bray, Veronica J. 2024, Icarus. The inevitability of large shallow craters on Callisto and Ganymede: Implications for crater depth-diameter trends

Brande, Jonathan, Crossfield, Ian J. M., Kreidberg, Laura, Morley, Caroline V., Barman, Travis, Benneke, Björn, Christiansen, Jessie L., Dragomir, Diana, Fortney, Jonathan J., Greene, Thomas P., Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin K., Howard, Andrew W., Knutson, Heather A., Lothringer, Joshua D., & Mikal-Evans, Thomas 2024, The Astrophysical Journal. Clouds and Clarity: Revisiting Atmospheric Feature Trends in Neptune-size Exoplanets

Bray, V. J., Schenk, P. M., Melosh, H. J., Morgan, J. V., & Collins, G. S. 2024, Icarus. Corrigendum to "Ganymede crater dimensions - Implications for central peak and central pit formation and development" [Icarus (2012) 115-129]

Broquet, A. & Andrews-Hanna, J. C. 2024, Icarus. The moon before mare

Cody, George D., Alexander, Conel M. O'D., Foustoukos, Dionysis I., Busemann, Henner, Eckley, Scott, Burton, Aaron S., Berger, Eve L., Nuevo, Michel, Sandford, Scott A., Glavin, Daniel P., Dworkin, Jason P., Connolly, Harold C., & Lauretta, Dante S. 2024, Meteoritics and Planetary Science. The nature of insoluble organic matter in Sutter's Mill and Murchison carbonaceous chondrites: Testing the effect of x-ray computed tomography and exploring parent body organic molecular evolution

Connell, S.A., D.M. Applin, N.N. Turenne, E.A. Cloutis, C. Kiddell, S. Sidhu, P. Mann, P. Ferguson, M. Driedger, J. Campos, A. Barari, M. May, V. Reddy, S.A. Mertzman, D. Trang 2024, Acta Astronautica. The Iris CubeSat mission: Science payload description for a pathfinder geological space weathering investigation

Glavin, Daniel P., Eckley, Scott A., Aponte, José C., Berger, Eve L., Burton, Aaron S., Dworkin, Jason P., Elsila, Jamie E., Ferguson, Frank T., Furukawa, Yoshihiro, Graham, Heather V., Koga, Toshiki, Liss, Michael, MCLain, Hannah L., Naraoka, Hiroshi, Oba, Yasuhiro, Parker, Eric T., Righter, Kevin, Schmitt-Kopplin, Philippe, Simkus, Danielle N., Takano, Yoshinori, Connolly, Harold C., & Lauretta, Dante S. 2024, Meteoritics and Planetary Science. Investigating the impact of x-ray computed tomography imaging on soluble organic matter in the Murchison meteorite: Implications for Bennu sample analyses

Harsono, Daniel, Long, Feng, Pinilla, Paola, Rota, Alessia A., Manara, Carlo F., Herczeg, Gregory J., Johnstone, Doug, Rosotti, Giovanni, Lodato, Giuseppe, Menard, Francois, Tazzari, Marco, & Shi, Yangfan 2024, The Astrophysical Journal. Dual-band Observations of the Asymmetric Ring around CIDA 9A: Dead or Alive?

Ishimaru, K. & Lauretta, D. S. 2024, Meteoritics and Planetary Science. Analysis of layered boulders on asteroid (101955) Bennu and their implications for fluid flow on the parent body

Kenworthy, Matthew, Lock, Simon, Kennedy, Grant, van Capelleveen, Richelle, Mamajek, Eric, Carone, Ludmila, Hambsch, Franz-Josef, Masiero, Joseph, Mainzer, Amy, Kirkpatrick, J. Davy, Gomez, Edward, Leinhardt, Zoë, Dou, Jingyao, Tanna, Pavan, Sainio, Arttu, Barker, Hamish, Charbonnel, Stéphane, Garde, Olivier, Le Dû, Pascal, Mulato, Lionel, Petit, Thomas, & Rizzo Smith, Michael 2024, Nature. Author Correction: A planetary collision afterglow and transit of the resultant debris cloud

Kuehn, Tyler, Holt, John W., Johnson, Roy, & Meng, Tyler 2024, Journal of Geophysical Research (Earth Surface). Active Seismic Refraction, Reflection, and Surface-Wave Surveys in Thick Debris-Covered Glacial Environments

Noonan, John W., Volk, Kathryn, Nesvorný, David, & Bottke, William F. 2024, Icarus. Dynamical feasibility of (3) Juno as a parent body of the H chondrites

Ramsey, Sierra R., Ostwald, Amanda M., Udry, Arya, O'Neal, Evan, Day, James M. D., Wilbur, Zoë, Barnes, Jessica J., & Griffin, Sammy 2024, Meteoritics and Planetary Science. Northwest Africa 13669, a reequilibrated nakhlite from a previously unsampled portion of the nakhlite igneous complex

Rooney, Caoimhe M., Batalha, Natasha E., & Marley, Mark S. 2024, The Astrophysical Journal. Spherical Harmonics for the 1D Radiative Transfer Equation. II. Thermal Emission

Schlecker, Martin, Apai, Dániel, Lichtenberg, Tim, Bergsten, Galen, Salvador, Arnaud, & Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin K. 2024, The Planetary Science Journal. Bioverse: The Habitable Zone Inner Edge Discontinuity as an Imprint of Runaway Greenhouse Climates on Exoplanet Demographics 

Young, Amber V., Robinson, Tyler D., Krissansen-Totton, Joshua, Schwieterman, Edward W., Wogan, Nicholas F., Way, Michael J., Sohl, Linda E., Arney, Giada N., Reinhard, Christopher T., Line, Michael R., Catling, David C., & Windsor, James D. 2024, Nature Astronomy. Inferring chemical disequilibrium biosignatures for Proterozoic Earth-like exoplanets