Planetary Surfaces Group Meeting

Spring 2021: Wednesdays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Zoom. Email lmcarter "at" for the link if you need it.

Date  Speaker Topic Additional Materials
Jan. 13 Lynn Carter Introduction to topics for this semester and Brine Stability on Mars  
Jan. 20 Lynn Carter Delta stratigraphy and Jezero crater, Mars  
Jan. 27 Indujaa Ganesh Fluvial Regimes, Morphometry, and Age of Jezero
Crater Paleolake Inlet Valleys
Feb. 3 Lynn Carter Fluvial activity in Gale crater: Curiosity results

Feb. 10 Mackenzie Mills Fracture conduit depths of mud volcanoes/pingos/rootless cones on Earth and Mars
Feb. 17 Lynn Carter Mars2020 landing information  
Feb. 24 Emileigh Shoemaker LPSC presentation: Radar sounding of lava flows in the Tharsis region  
Mar. 3 Tyler Meng AND Indujaa Ganesh Martian boulder bands and midlatitude glaciations


Modeling the dynamics of dense pyroclastic flows on Venus
Mar. 10 No meeting Reading Day  
Mar. 17 No meeting LPSC  
Mar. 24 Everyone Post-LPSC science discussion  
Mar. 31 Claire Cook Glaciovolcanism in the Tharsis region of Mars
Apr. 7 Lynn Carter   Surface weathering on Venus: Dyer et al. 2021
Apr. 14 Stefano Nerozzi Venera Venus Landing Sites  
Apr. 21 No meeting Reading Day  
Apr. 28 Tyler Meng Venus crustal thickness & dynamic topography: James et al. 2013
May 5 Lynn Carter Subglacial volcanism in Antarctica