Planetary Surfaces Group Meeting

Spring 2020: Wednesdays from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at

Date Speaker Topic Additional Materials


Lynn Carter

Introduction to topics for this semester


Jan. 22

Lynn Carter AND Emileigh Shoemaker

Uranus/Neptune Moons: an introduction  
Jan. 29

Michael Christoffersen AND Lynn Carter

Uranus/Neptune Moons: Triton Geysers and Subsurface Ocean

Feb. 5

Indujaa Ganesh AND Claire Cook

Uranus/Neptune Moons: Triton surface geology and age AND Miranda convection


Feb. 12


Uranus/Neptune Moons:

(Lynn out of town)

Feb. 19

Tyler Meng AND Dani DellaGiustina

Glacial/Glaciovolcanic processes: The glacial continuum and subglacial processes (lakes)

Feb. 26

Brandon Tober AND Eric Petersen

Glacial/Glaciovolcanic processes: Supraglacial data analysis and Ice Cliffs, Thermokarst and the Debris-Cover anomaly  

Mar. 4

Multiple people (Indujaa Ganesh)

LPSC presentation practice session


Mar. 11

no SPG



Mar. 18

no SPG

LPSC week


Mar. 25

Emileigh Shoemaker AND Sarah Sutton

Glacial/Glaciovolcanic processes: Fieldwork in Iceland

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Apr. 1

Lynn Carter

Lunar Exploration Sites: An introduction to the lunar exploration program


Apr. 8




Apr. 15

Dani DellaGiustina AND

Lynn Carter

Lunar Exploration Sites: Seismometers and VIPER  

Apr. 22

Lynn Carter AND Indujaa Ganesh

Early Earth, Venus, Mars comparison: A comparative timeline of the first 2 Gya AND Early Venus  

Apr. 29

Claire Cook AND

Early Earth, Venus, Mars comparison: Early Mars AND  

May 6

Tyler Meng AND

Early Earth, Venus, Mars comparison: Old ice on Mars and comparative cryospheres