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    Tour of Titan from Cassini-VIMS: 30 Years of Exploration

    Video by Cassini VIMS team

    The Cassini/VIMS team, based at LPL, has created an unparalleled map of Titan, which is a culmination of nearly 3 decades of effort by a diverse team of dedicated people. Custom mapping software sewed together the best Titan data collected during over 100 flybys of Saturn’s largest moon, and months of detailed adjustments to lighting and mosaic seams produced the most complete hyperspectral map of Titan in existence. This video commemorates our achievements—technical and artistic - and conveys in some small way the emotions felt by the group of dedicated people who worked on VIMS and Cassini-Huygens. This mission is a human achievement of the highest order, and for those who worked on it, pride in the mission will stay with us the rest of our lives.

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