University Fellows Award

Graduate College and Graduate Center University Fellows Award

The world's challenges require interdisciplinary solutions from the top minds. The University Fellows Program prepares the University of Arizona's most distinguished graduate students to be the innovative leaders the world needs. The University Fellows Program is the flagship initiative of the Graduate Center. The program includes a fellowship offered to the University's highest-ranked incoming doctoral and masters students. Recipients of the fellowship receive a competitive financial package, professional development programming, mentoring and community engagement opportunities, and a richly interdisciplinary cohort. The goals of the University Fellows Program are to recruit the best students to the University of Arizona; develop interdisciplinary scholars, artists, and practitioners who are the next generation of leaders; and promote collaborative innovation on campus and throughout our broader communities.

Year Student
2023/2024 Vega Santiago, Nathalia
2021/2022 Chandra, Rishi
2018/2019 Tang, Yuhui
2015/2016 Sutton, Sarah