Angela Marusiak

PTYS/LPL Faculty

Kuiper 401


Angela Marusiak (she/her)

Assistant Research Professor

Ph.D., 2020 University of Maryland

Years with LPL: 2023 to present

Lunar Studies, Planetary Analogs, Planetary Geophysics, Small Bodies, Titan & Outer Solar System

I study how seismology and seismic instrumentation can be used to explore bodies in our solar system. As a member of the InSight team I was focused on detecting deep structure, including the size of the martian core. For the Dragonfly mission, I'm interested in how clathrates may alter the internal structure and seismic response of Titan. As a member of the LEMS team, I'll be helping to build the next astronaut-deployed seismometers on the Moon. Once LEMS is deployed, we'll be able to study the Moon's seismicity and learn about its interior structure. 

Current Spacecraft Involvement

InSight, Dragonfly

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