Steve Kortenkamp

PTYS/LPL Faculty

Kuiper 353


Steve Kortenkamp

Associate Professor of Practice

Ph.D., 1996, University of Florida

Years with LPL: 2001 to present

Science Education, Planet formation, Orbital Dynamics

Science education, with an emphasis on developing and exploring techniques for teaching astronomy to students who are blind (developed 3D tactile resources in image below). Planet formation and orbital dynamics of asteroids, dust particles, planetesimals.  Children's science author for struggling readers in grades K-8.

Current Grants

NSF ITEST: Project POEM - Project-based learning opportunities and exploration of mentorship for students with visual impairments to STEM

Student Collaborations/Advising

Current Undergraduate Students

  • Frank Acosta
  • Morgan Beckendorf
  • Victoria Breckenridge
  • Blythe Giddings
  • Kayli Glidic
  • Ashley Register
  • Desiree Romero

Current Graduate Students (in College of Education)

  • Tasnim Alshuli
  • Jinseok Park

Former Postdocs

  • Shireen Keyl (UA)

Complete Astronomy-related Publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: S. J. Kortenkamp

Selected Publications (since 2010)

Kortenkamp S.J., Joseph E.C.S., Park J., Tupor I., and Hong S., Touching the Solar System: Development and mass production of 3D planetary terrain models for students with visually impairments. Journal of Geoscience Education (2022 - to be submitted).

Park J., Hong S., and Kortenkamp S.J. Use of 2D embossed tactile graphics in planetary science curriculum for students with visual impairments. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness (2021 - submitted).

Kortenkamp S.J., Park J., Alshuli T., Tsinajinie G., Buxner S., Tupor I., and Hong S. Touching the Solar System: A tactile Project-Based Learning astronomy program for students with visual impairments. Connected Science Learning (2021 - accepted).

Kortenkamp, S. J., Hartmann, William K. Dynamical sequestration of the Moon-forming impactor in co-orbital resonance with Earth. Icarus 275, 239–248 (2016).

Kortenkamp, S. J. Trapping and dynamical evolution of interplanetary dust particles in Earth's quasi-satellite resonance. Icarus 226, 1550–1558 (2013).

Kortenkamp, S. J., Joseph, E. C. S. Transformation of Trojans into quasi-satellites during planetary migration and their subsequent close-encounters with the host planet. Icarus 215, 669–681 (2011).

Marzari F., Thebault P., Kortenkamp S.J., Scholl H., Planetesimal dynamics and planet formation in and around binaries. To appear in Planets in Multiple-Star Systems (Haghighipour N., Ed.), Springer/Verlag (2010).

Peer-reviewed children's science books (since 2010)

Kortenkamp S.J., Exploring Mars; An Interactive Space Exploration Adventure, Capstone Press, Mankato, MN (2017)
Kortenkamp S.J., Future Explorers: Robots in Space, Capstone Press, Mankato, MN (2014)
Kortenkamp S.J., Demoting Pluto: Discovery of the Dwarf Planets, Capstone Press, Mankato, MN (2014)
Kortenkamp S.J., Show Me Space, Capstone Press, Mankato, MN (2014)
Kortenkamp S.J., Planets of Our Solar System, Capstone Press, Mankato, MN (2011)
Kortenkamp S.J., Dwarf Planets, Capstone Press, Mankato, MN (2011)
Kortenkamp S.J., Asteroids, Comets, Meteoroids, Capstone Press, Mankato, MN (2011)


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Semester Course Day/Time Location Resources
Fall 2023 PTYS 493-001 Wednesday 5:00-6:50p.m. Kuiper 330 Syllabus
Fall 2023 PTYS/ASTR 170A1-1 Monday, Wednesday 12:30-1:45p.m. Flandrau theater Syllabus
Spring 2024 PTYS/ASTR 170A1-200 7w AZ ONLINE AZ ONLINE Syllabus
Spring 2024 PTYS 493-1 Friday 5:00-6:50PM Kuiper 309 Syllabus
Spring 2024 PTYS 393-1 Friday 5:00-6:50p.m. Kuiper 301 Syllabus
Spring 2024 PTYS 397A-100 Fully ONLINE Syllabus
Fall 2024 PTYS 493-001 Friday 5:00-6:50p.m. Kuiper 309 D2L
Fall 2024 PTYS/ASTR 206-001 Monday, Wednesday 12:30-1:45p.m. Flandrau D2L
Fall 2024 PTYS 297A-001 FULLY ONLINE D2L
Fall 2024 PTYS 397A-001 Fully ONLINE D2L
Fall 2024 PTYS 393-001 Friday 5:00-6:50p.m. Kuiper 301 D2L

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