PTYS 493

Advanced Teaching Teams Internship

This advanced internship is for students who have completed PTYS 393. Course covers elements of learning environments, communication skills, providing feedback, performance evaluation, and cooperative learning strategies; it requires students to peer lead workshop sections within the Teaching Teams Program alongside a faculty/staff mentor.

Course Level Other: 
Undergraduate Internship
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Semester Section Number Instructor(s) Day/Time Location Resources
2022 Fall 00001 Steve Kortenkamp, Edwards TBD Kuiper 351 Syllabus
2022 Fall 00002 Steve Kortenkamp, Edwards TBD Kuiper 351 Syllabus
2023 Spring 00001 Steve Kortenkamp, Edwards TBA Kuiper 301 Syllabus
2023 Fall 00001 Kortenkamp/Edwards W 5:00-6:50p.m. Kuiper 330