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Jozsef Kota

Senior Research Scientist (Retired)

Ph.D. 1980, Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest)

Years with LPL: 1989 to present

Solar and Heliospheric Research, Theoretical Astrophysics, Theoretical space physics & space weather


Dr. Kota's research interest is centered around energetic particles, solar wind, and magnetic fields in the Heliosphere. He conducts theoretical and numerical studies on galactic and anomalous cosmic rays, as well as fast neutral atoms, which offer a unique tool to probe the remote areas of the heliosphere. He has developed a number of numerical codes to model the transport and acceleration of cosmic rays in the interplanetary magnetic field.

Recently, he has been involved in modeling space weather in the Earth's environment. The aim of this research is to understand, model, and forecast large solar energetic particle (SEP) events; to understand the mechanism how Coronal Mass Ejections drive a shock and accelerate ions to high (often relativistic) energies.

Current Grants

  • Geophysically Relevant Prediction for Solar Cycle 25 (Arizona PI) Collaborative Research led by Georgia State University NASA Living with a Star Program Duration: 2016-2019

Former Spacecraft Involvement

  • IBEX, Guest Investigator
  • Ulysses, Guest investigator
  • Voyager, Guest Investigator


Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: J. Kota

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Years 2016 through 2017

Kóta, J., Jokipii, J. R.  Transient Cosmic-ray Events beyond the Heliopause: Interpreting Voyager-1 Observations 2017ApJ...839..126K

Sokolov, I., Gombosi, T. I., Bindi, V., Borovikov, D., Kota, J., Giacalone, J.  Towards a Self-Consistent Simulation Capability of Catastrophic Solar Energetic Particle Events 2016AGUFMPA41A2136S

Kóta, J.  The Role of Particle Drifts in the Heliosphere 2016JPhCS.767a2014K

Kozai, M., Munakata, K., Kato, C., Kuwabara, T., Bieber, J. W., Evenson, P., Rockenbach, M., Lago, A. D., Schuch, N. J., Tokumaru, M., Duldig, M. L., Humble, J. E., Sabbah, I., Al Jassar, H. K., Sharma, M. M., Kóta, J.  Erratum: Erratum to: The spatial density gradient of galactic cosmic rays and its solar cycle variation observed with the Global Muon Detector Network 2016EP&S...68...38K

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