PTYS/LPL Faculty

Renu Malhotra

Regents' Professor, Louise Foucar Marshall Science Research Professor
Astrobiology, Exoplanets; Planetary Formation and Evolution, Orbital Dynamics, Small Bodies, Theoretical Astrophysics
Ph.D., 1988, Cornell University

Kuiper 515

Years with LPL: 2000 to present


Professor Malhotra's research spans orbital dynamics in the solar system and in exo-solar planetary systems. Current topics of research are: the orbital migration history of the giant planets, chaos and stability in the Kuiper belt, dynamics of near-Earth and main belt asteroids, the meteoritic bombardment history of the terrestrial planets, and architectures of exosolar planetary systems.

Current Grants

  • Co-I, Dynamics of sticky resonances and detached Kuiper belt objects: NASA
  • PI, Kuiper Belt Dynamics with a Distant Unseen Planet: NSF
  • PI, Distribution of planet masses, planet-planet separations and dynamical lifetimes of planetary systems: NASA
  • Co-I, Earth in Other Solar Systems: Toward forming and discovering planets: NASA
  • PI, Planetary migration and Kuiper belt dynamics: NASA

Current Spacecraft Involvement

  • Saverio Cambioni (PTYS)
  • Michael Hammer (ASTR)
  • Hamish Hay (PTYS)
  • Nathan Hendler (PTYS)
  • Youngmin JeongAhn, (PTYS)
  • Lei Lan (Tsinghua University)
  • David Minton, (PTYS)Jessica Pillow (APPMATH)
  • Amaya Moro-Martin, (Astronomy)
  • Sarah Morrison (PTYS)
  • Rachel Smullen (ASTR)
  • Adam Sutherland (ASTR)
  • Matthew Tiscareno, (PTYS)
  • Kathryn Volk,  ( PTYS)
  • Xianyu Wang

Former Postdocs

  • Kathryn Volk
  • Joseph Hahn
  • Stephen Kortenkamp


Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: Renu Malhotra

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Years 2017 through June 2019

Su, K. Y. L., Jackson, A. P., Gáspár, A., Rieke, G. H., Dong, R., Olofsson, J., Kennedy, G. M., Leinhardt, Z. M., Malhotra, R., Hammer, M., Meng, H. Y. A., Rujopakarn, W., Rodriguez, J. E., Pepper, J., Reichart, D. E., James, D., Stassun, K. G. Extreme Debris Disk Variability: Exploring the Diverse Outcomes of Large Asteroid Impacts During the Era of Terrestrial Planet Formation 2019AJ....157..202S

Rizk, B., Drouet d'Aubigny, C., Hergenrother, C. W., Bos, B. J., Golish, D. R., Malhotra, R., Lauretta, D. S., Butt, J., Patel, J., Fitzgibbon, M., May, C., Bierhaus, E. B., Freund, S., Fisher, M., Cambioni, S., Bennett, C. A., Balram-Knutson, S. S., Harshman, K., DellaGiustina, D. N., Antreasian, P., Leonard, J., Mink, R., Calloway, A., Bartels, A. E., Enos, H., Boynton, W. V., Nolan, M. C., Moreau, M. OSIRIS-REx low-velocity particles during outbound cruise 2019AdSpR..63..672R

Malhotra, R., Lan, L., Volk, K., Wang, X. Neptune's 5:2 Resonance in the Kuiper Belt 2018AJ....156...55M

Trilling, D. E., Bellm, E. C., Malhotra, R. On the Detectability of Planet X with LSST 2018AJ....155..243T

Strom, R. G., Marchi, S., Malhotra, R. Ceres and the terrestrial planets impact cratering record 2018Icar..302..104S

Cambioni, S., Malhotra, R. The Mid-plane of the Main Asteroid Belt 2018AJ....155..143C

Su, K. Y. L., MacGregor, M. A., Booth, M., Wilner, D. J., Flaherty, K., Hughes, A. M., Phillips, N. M., Malhotra, R., Hales, A. S., Morrison, S., Ertel, S., Matthews, B. C., Dent, W. R. F., Casassus, S.  ALMA 1.3 mm Map of the HD 95086 System 2017AJ....154..225S

Volk, K., Malhotra, R.  Erratum: “The Curiously Warped Mean Plane of the Kuiper Belt” (2017, AJ, 154, 62) 2017AJ....154..212V

Volk, K., Malhotra, R.  The Curiously Warped Mean Plane of the Kuiper Belt 2017AJ....154...62V

Wang, X., Malhotra, R.  Mean Motion Resonances at High Eccentricities: The 2:1 and the 3:2 Interior Resonances 2017AJ....154...20W

JeongAhn, Y., Malhotra, R.  Simplified Derivation of the Collision Probability of Two Objects in Independent Keplerian Orbits 2017AJ....153..235J

Malhotra, R., Wang, X.  Eccentricity distribution in the main asteroid belt 2017MNRAS.465.4381M

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