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Ilaria Pascucci

Associate Professor

Astrobiology, Exoplanets; Planetary Formation and Evolution, Planetary Astronomy

My research is directed towards understanding how planets form and evolve and how common are planetary systems like our own Solar system. To this end, my group carries out observations aimed at characterizing the physical and chemical evolution of gaseous dust disks around young stars, the birth sites of planets. In addition, we use exoplanet surveys to re-construct the intrinsic frequency of planets around mature stars. By linking the birth sites of planets to the exoplanet populations, we contribute to building a comprehensive and predictive planet formation theory, a necessary step in identifying which nearby stars most likely host a habitable planet like Earth.

View LPL Evening Lecture from September 5, 2012, Where Did All Earth Water Come From?

Ph.D., 2004, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy Heidelberg

Years with LPL: 2011 to present

Current Grants

  • Understanding Protoplanetary Disk Winds and Planet Interactions via Disk Emission Lines: National Science Foundation
  • Earths in Other Solar Systems: NASA/Nexus
  • SLICK - Scaling Laws In Circumstellar disKs: National Science Foundation
  • The Evolution of Disk Winds: National Science Foundation

Former Spacecraft Involvement

  • Spitzer Space Telescope, FEPS legacy program (Co-investigator) and GO programs (PI)
  • Herschel Space Observatory, GASPS Open Time Key Program key program (Co-investigator) and GO programs (PI) 
  • Hubble Space Telescope GO programs (PI and Co-investigator)

Mission Concept Studies

Current Graduate Students

Former Students

  • Molly Simon, graduate student, 2013-2016, University of Arizona
  • Nathaniel P. Hendler, undergraduate, honors thesis, 2013, University of Arizona
  • James Keane, graduate student, 2011-2013, University of Arizona
  • Judit Szulagyi, undergraduate, 2010-2012, Space Telescope Science Institute and Eotvos Lorand University
  • Laszlo Szucs, undergraduate, 2009-2011, Space Telescope Science Institute and University of Szeged
  • Emily Hardegree-Ullman, undergraduate, honors thesis, 2006-2007, University of Arizona

Current Postdocs

Former Postdocs

  • Gijs Mulders, 2013-2018, University of Arizona
  • Elisabetta Rigliaco, 2011-2014, University of Arizona
  • David Fedele, 2009-2011, Space Telescope Science Institute and Johns Hopkins University
  • Veronica Roccatagliata, 2010-2011, Space Telescope Science Institute
  • Basmah Riaz, 2009-2010, Space Telescope Science Institute



Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: Ilaria Pascucci

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Year 2017 through 2019

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