PTYS/LPL Faculty

Timothy Swindle

Director, Department Head
Cosmochemistry, Lunar Studies, Small Bodies, Theoretical Astrophysics Research
Ph.D., 1986, Washington University

Kuiper 323

Years with LPL: 1986 to present


Dr. Swindle uses measurements of the noble gases in extraterrestrial materials (lunar samples and meteorites) to study the evolution of the solar system.

His research projects include using 40Ar-39Ar dating to determine the timing of impact events on the Moon and on asteroids, and studying Martian meteorites to understand the history of the Martian atmosphere and its interaction with surface materials. Past research projects have included using I-129, and its decay product Xe-129, to study the timing of the formation of the earliest solids in the solar nebula, and working on developing techniques to use instruments on spacecraft to measure ages of planetary surfaces in situ.

Current Grants

  • Arizona Space Grant Consortium: NASA Space Grant
  • Inner Solar System Impact Processes: An Integrated Analysis Using Extraterrestrial Samples, Astronomical Observations, and Modeling: NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute

Current Spacecraft Involvement

Student Collaborations/Advising

Former Students

  • Sky Beard, 2018 (Ph.D. PTYS)
  • Kristin Block, 2011 (M.S. PTYS)
  • John Weirich, 2011 (Ph.D. PTYS)
  • Barbara Cohen, 2000 (Ph.D. PTYS)
  • Michael Burkland, 1998 (Ph.D. Physics)

Former Postdocs

  • Don Musselwhite
  • John Weirich


Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: T. D. Swindle

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Years 2017 and 2018

U. Ott, T. D. Swindle, and S. P. Schwenzer (2017) Noble gases in Martian meteorites: Budget, sources, sinks, and processes. In Volatiles in the Martian Crust (J. Filiberto and S. P. Schwenzer, eds.; Elsevier), pp. 35-70.

Beard, S. P., Swindle, T. D. Search for evidence of source event grouping among ureilites 2017M&PS...52.2343B

Swindle, T. D. Book Review: In search of stardust: Amazing micrometeorites and their terrestrial imposters, by Jon Larsen. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Voyageur Press, 2017, 152 p., hardcover (ISBN-13: 978-0760352649, ISBN-10: 076035264X). 2017M&PS...52.2285S

Zega, T. J., Massani, B. B., Chang, Y. J., Domanik, K., Nebesny, K., Wallace, P., Armstrong, N. R., Corral, E., Lauretta, D. S., Swindle, T. D., Wang, W., Howe, J. Y., Hanawa, A., Inada, H.  A New Core Facility For Electron And Ion Microscopy At The University Of Arizona 2017MiMic..23S..64Z

Schmieder, M., Kring, D. A., Swindle, T. D., Bond, J. C., Moore, C. B.  The Gao-Guenie impact melt breccia—Sampling a rapidly cooled impact melt dike on an H chondrite asteroid? 2016M&PS...51.1022S

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