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Tommi Koskinen

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., 2008, University College London

Years with LPL: 2009

Exoplanets; Planetary Formation and Evolution, Planetary Atmospheres, Titan & Outer Solar System

Dr. Koskinen’s research focuses on the structure and evolution of planet and satellite atmospheres in the solar system and extrasolar planetary systems.  He is particularly interested in the physics and chemistry of the middle and upper atmosphere that he studies through both the analysis of observations and theoretical modeling.  His research covers a wide range of different objects and techniques in the spirit of comparative planetology, which is critical to our understanding of the evolution of planetary atmospheres and environments in general.  Dr. Koskinen served as a participating scientist on the Cassini mission and he is still actively involved in research on the atmospheres of Saturn and Titan.  In addition, he develops and maintains models of exoplanet atmospheres that are required to interpret current and planned observations as well as to simulate mass loss and address questions on long-term evolution.



Current Grants

  • Saturn's upper atmosphere revealed by new Cassini/UVIS occultations, NASA Cassini Data Analysis Program, Principal Investigator
  • Atmospheric structure and escape on Pluto: NASA New Frontiers Data Analysis Program, Principal Investigator
  • A comprehensive investigation of Titan's middle and upper atmosphere, NASA Cassini Data Analysis Program, Co-Investigator
  • The middle atmospheres of exoplanets: NASA Exoplanet Research Program, Co-Investigator
  • Colorado Ultraviolet Transit Experiment: Mass loss and magnetic fields in exoplanetary systems, NASA Astrophysics Research and Analysis, Co-Investigator

Current Spacecraft Involvement

Former Spacecraft Involvement

Current Graduate Students

Student collaborations/Advising

  • Jess Vriesema
  • Josh Lothringer
  • Kyle Pearson

Current Postdocs

  • Chenliang Huang

Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author Search: Tommi Koskinen

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Years 2017 through June 2020

Vriesema, J. W., Koskinen, T. T., Yelle, R. V. Electrodynamics in Saturn's thermosphere at low and middle latitudes 2020Icar..34413390V

Brown, Z., Koskinen, T., Müller-Wodarg, I., West, R., Jouchoux, A., Esposito, L. A pole-to-pole pressure-temperature map of Saturn's thermosphere from Cassini Grand Finale data 2020NatAs.tmp...75B

Koskinen, T. T., Sandel, B. R., Yelle, R. V., Holsclaw, G. M., Quemerais, E. Saturn in Lyman α: A comparison of Cassini and Voyager observations 2020Icar..33913594K

Cubillos, P. E., Fossati, L., Koskinen, T., Young, M. E., Salz, M., France, K., Sreejith, A. G., Haswell, C. A. Near-ultraviolet Transmission Spectroscopy of HD 209458b: Evidence of Ionized Iron Beyond the Planetary Roche Lobe 2020AJ....159..111C

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Fossati, L., Koskinen, T., Lothringer, J. D., France, K., Young, M. E., Sreejith, A. G. Extreme-ultraviolet Radiation from A-stars: Implications for Ultra-hot Jupiters 2018ApJ...868L..30F

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