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Roger Yelle


Astrobiology, Exoplanets; Planetary Formation and Evolution, Planetary Atmospheres, Titan & Outer Solar System

Professor Yelle studies the atmospheres in our solar system and the atmospheres of extra-solar planets. He analyzes telescopic and spacecraft data and constructs theories and models to determine the composition and structure of atmospheres and their interaction with surfaces and interplanetary space. Current projects include the study of chemical, thermal and dynamical processes in Titan’s upper atmosphere using primarily data from the Cassini mission to the Saturn system, escape processes on Titan, Mars, and extra-solar planets, and the composition and chemistry of the martian atmosphere. Yelle is a member of the Cassini Ion Neutral Mass Spectrometer Team and a co-I on the planned Maven mission to study the upper atmosphere of Mars.

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Ph.D., 1984, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Years with LPL: 2001 to present

Current Grants

  • Post-Cassini Investigations of Titan Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Dynamics, Chemistry, and Escape of Titan's Atmosphere
  • The Distribution of O2 on Mars from Spicam Occulations
  • Cassini INMS Solstice Mission
  • Titan Atmosphere Models Working Group (TAMWG)
  • Models for the Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Titan's Photochemical Haze

Current Spacecraft Involvement

  • Voyager, Ultraviolet Spectrometer, Team Member, 1985-1989
  • Champollion, CIRCLE Experiment, Principle Investigator,  1995-1999
  • Deep Space 1, MICAS, Team Member, 1997-2000
  • Venus Express, VEX Accelerometer Experiment, Team Member
  • MAVEN, Co-Investigator, 2008-2015

Former Spacecraft Involvement

  • Cassini, Ion Neutral Mass Spectrometer, Team Member, 1992-2017

Current Graduate Students

Former Students

  • Sarah Horst, 2011 (Ph.D. PTYS)
  • Jun Cui, 2008 (Ph.D. Astronomy)
  • Yiping Wang, 1993 (Ph.D. PTYS)

Current Postdocs

  • Hannes Gröller

Former Postdocs

  • Justin Erwin
  • Tommi Koskinen
  • Panayotis Lavvas
  • Jean Masterson
  • Darci Snowden
  • Véronique Vuitton


Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: Roger V. Yelle

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Years 2017 through June 2020

Vriesema, J. W., Koskinen, T. T., Yelle, R. V. Electrodynamics in Saturn's thermosphere at low and middle latitudes 2020Icar..34413390V

Koskinen, T. T., Sandel, B. R., Yelle, R. V., Holsclaw, G. M., Quemerais, E. Saturn in Lyman α: A comparison of Cassini and Voyager observations 2020Icar..33913594K

Bhattacharyya, D., Chaufray, J. Y., Mayyasi, M., Clarke, J. T., Stone, S., Yelle, R. V., Pryor, W., Bertaux, J. L., Deighan, J., Jain, S. K., Schneider, N. M. Two-dimensional model for the martian exosphere: Applications to hydrogen and deuterium Lyman α observations 2020Icar..33913573B

Peterson, W. K., Andersson, L., Ergun, R., Thiemann, E., Pilinski, M., Thaller, S., Fowler, C., Mitchell, D., Benna, M., Yelle, R., Stone, S. Subsolar Electron Temperatures in the Lower Martian Ionosphere 2020JGRA..12527597P

Nakagawa, H., Jain, S. K., Schneider, N. M., Montmessin, F., Yelle, R. V., Jiang, F., Verdier, L., Kuroda, T., Yoshida, N., Fujiwara, H., Imamura, T., Terada, N., Terada, K., Seki, K., Gröller, H., Deighan, J. I. A Warm Layer in the Nightside Mesosphere of Mars 2020GeoRL..4785646N

Siddle, A. G., Mueller-Wodarg, I. C. F., Stone, S. W., Yelle, R. V. Global characteristics of gravity waves in the upper atmosphere of Mars as measured by MAVEN/NGIMS 2019Icar..333...12S

Lian, Y., Yelle, R. V. Damping of gravity waves by kinetic processes in Jupiter's thermosphere 2019Icar..329..222L

Jiang, F. Y., Yelle, R. V., Jain, S. K., Cui, J., Montmessin, F., Schneider, N. M., Deighan, J., Gröller, H., Verdier, L. Detection of Mesospheric CO2 Ice Clouds on Mars in Southern Summer 2019GeoRL..46.7962J

Vuitton, V., Yelle, R. V., Klippenstein, S. J., Hörst, S. M., Lavvas, P. Simulating the density of organic species in the atmosphere of Titan with a coupled ion-neutral photochemical model 2019Icar..324..120V

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