Faculty Committees

For grad student reference, here is a list of the current committees, including faculty, on file with the department for 2016-2017:

Academic Career Seminars (Grads) Lo, Lew
Alumni Assoc. (LPL grads) Liaison   Springmann
CoS Advisory Board   Barman
CoS Grad Rep   Peacock, Hay
Colloquium   Harris
Colloquium Grad Lunch Grad Springmann
Computer C   Hamilton, McMillan
  Chair Barman
  Grad, staff Landis, Guerrieri
  Ex Officio Ferro, Gotobed, Lima, Plassmann, Pursch, Sosa
Curriculum C   Harris, Matsuyama, Zega
  Chair Pascucci
  Grad Sutton, Lo
  Ex Officio Guerrieri
Departmental Life   Howell, Matsuyama, Pascucci, Zega
  Chair Griffith
  Grad Keane, Simon
Faculty Performance Peer Review C   Hood, Yelle
  Chair Lauretta
  Ex Officio Guerrieri
Faculty Status (P&T) C   Boynton, Giacalone, Hubbard
  Chair Malhotra
  Ex Officio Guerrieri
GAAC   Ballester, Howell,
  Chair Hamilton,
  Ex Officio Street, Guerrieri
Grad rep to faculty   Bramson
Grad Student Colloq C   Yelle
  Grad Stone, Peacock
Grad web master/Grads@lpl   Bramson
Journal Club   Ballester
  Grad Komacek
Library C   Howell, Kota
  Chair McMillan
  Grad Landis
LPL Awards Committee   Hood, Malhotra, Pascucci
  Chair McEwen
LPLC   Landis, Lothringer, Steinrueck, Vriesema
Oral Exam Member   Yelle
Outreach Lead Grad Morrison
Post-doc/SRA rep to faculty   Sori
Pre-tenure teaching advising and review    
  Chair Giacalone
Prospective student visits   Esman, Hay
Recruitment C   Griffith, McMillan, Nolan
  Chair Lauretta
  Ex Officio Guerrieri
Staff Scientist Rep to faculty   Christensen
Steward TAC    
Strategic Budget C   McEwen, McMillan
  Chair Swindle
  Ex Officio Lynn Lane
Strategic Planning C   Lauretta, Nolan
  Chair McEwen
Undergrad Advising   Giacalone, Guerrieri
Written Prelim   Barman, Hamilton, Swindle
  Chair Boynton
TAP Colloquium   Matsuyama