College of Science Graduate Excellence Awards


The College of Science each year recognizes students who excel in the categories below. Each department awards their own students in each of these categories; department recipients are eligible to receive the college-wide award for each category.

1. Scholarship: outstanding research publications, presentations at meetings, and scholarships awarded.

2. Service: attention to broader impacts and involvement in activities outside of academic responsibilities that benefit the department, university and the larger community. For example, this student may represent graduate student interests on councils or committees, organize graduate student events, assist departmental recruitment, participate in K-12 outreach, etc.

3. Teaching: teaching or mentoring that goes above and beyond what is required; positive evaluations or other feedback from students, willingness to help junior graduate students, etc.

Funding Source: 
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory/Department of Planetary Sciences
How to Apply: 


Award Eligibility: 

Graduate students in the Department of Planetary Sciences.



At LPL, Excellence Awards for Research, Teaching, and Service correspond to the Kuiper, GTA, and Andersson awards; recipients of those LPL awards are named recipients of the Excellence Awards. In the event that the LPL awardees are not eligible for the College awards, the LPL Awards Committee and Department Head will make alternate nominations.





Award amounts & Award process: 

Awards are made each spring. Department recipients receive $100 each. College-wide awardees receive a $1,000 prize.

Funding Category: 
University of Arizona Scholarships