Zarah Brown

PTYS/LPL Graduate Students

Kuiper 509D


Zarah Brown (she/her)

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Planetary Atmospheres, Planetary Formation and Evolution

B.A. Astrophysics and Planetary Science, 2017, University of Colorado
Ph.D. Planetary Sciences, 2023, University of Arizona
Major Advisor(s): Tommi Koskinen

Z. Brown, T. Koskinen, J. Moses, S. Guerlet, The Distribution of Hydrocarbons in Saturn’s Stratosphere from the Cassini Grand Finale. (in preparation).

T. Koskinen, Z. Brown, I. Müller-Wodarg, D. Strobel. Saturn's Thermosphere: A Post-Cassini Perspective. In: Baines, K., Flasar, F.M., Krupp, N. Stallard, T. (Eds.), Cassini at Saturn: The Grand Finale. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. (accepted).

J. Moses, Z. Brown, [and 13 others]. Saturn’s atmospheric response to the large influx of ring material inferred from Cassini INMS measurements. Icarus. 391, 115328 (2023).

Z. Brown, A. Medvedev, E. Starichenko, T. Koskinen, I. Müller-Wodarg. Evidence for Gravity Waves in the Thermosphere of Saturn and Implications for Global Circulation. Geophysical Research Letters. 49, id. E97219 (2022).

T. Koskinen, D.F. Strobel, Z. Brown. An empirical model of the Saturn thermosphere. Icarus. 632, 114396 (2021).

Z. Brown, T. Koskinen, I. Müller-Wodarg, R. West, A. Jouchoux, L. Esposito. A Pole-to-Pole Pressure-Temperature Map of Saturn's Thermosphere from Cassini Grand Finale Data. Nature Astronomy, 4, 872-879 (2020).

J.W. Noonan, V. Reddy, [and 23 others, including Z. Brown]. Search for the H Chondrite Parent Body among the Three Largest S-type Asteroids: (3) Juno, (7) Iris, and (25) Phocaea. The Astronomical Journal. 158, 213-221 (2019).

V. Reddy, M.S. Kelley, [and 68 others, including Z.L. Brown]. Near-Earth asteroid 2012 TC4 observing campaign: Results from a global planetary defense exercise. Icarus. 326, 133-150 (2019).

M.E. Rehnberg, Z.L. Brown, L.W. Esposito, N. Albers. Direct Detection of Gaps in Saturn's A Ring. Icarus. 297, 110-118 (2017).

M.E. Rehnberg, L.W. Esposito, M. Sremcevic, Zarah L. Brown, G.R. Stewart. A Traveling Feature in Saturn’s Rings. Icarus. 279, 100-108 (2016).

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