Carson Graduate Fellowship

The Lt. Col. Kenneth Rondo Carson and Virginia Bryan Carson Graduate Fellowship is an endowment established by the estate of Virginia B. Carson, honoring her husband, a former member of the "Flying Tigers," a former member of the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff Strategic Air Command, retired master navigator and enthusiast of space exploration. Colonel Carson greatly admired the professionalism and accomplishments of NASA's space program. The Carson Fellowship is awarded to students pursuing degrees in the Department of Planetary Sciences, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, selected on the basis of academic achievement and the promise of further scholarly endeavor.

2023/2024 No award  
2022/2023 Cantillo, David Small bodies, space situational awareness
2021/2022 Daniel, Michael Planetary surfaces
2020/2021 Myers, Sam Small bodies
2019/2020 Walters, Jada Solar and heliospheric research 
2018/2019 Palmer, Maureen Atmosphere of Titan
2017/2018 Sharkey, Benjamin Small bodies of the Solar System
2016/2017 Bonnefoy, Léa Planetary surfaces
2015/2016 Hendler, Nathanial Evolution of Protoplanetary Dust-Disk Sizes
2014/2015 Lo, Daniel Carbon Photochemistry and Escape in the Present-Day Martian Atmosphere
2013/2014 Komacek, Thaddeus The Atmospheric Circulation and Evolution of Close-In Extrasolar Gas Giant Planets
2012/2013 Bramson, Ali Radar Analysis and Theoretical Modeling of the Presence and Preservation of Ice on Mars
2011/2012 Muro, Gabriel Planetary formation
2010/2011 Dykhuis, Melissa Asteroid Family Dynamics in the Inner Main Belt
2009/2010 Maleszewski, Chester Planetary astronomy; KBOs and asteroids
2008/2009 Schrader, Devin The Formation and Alteration of the Renazzo-like Carbonaceous Chondrites
2007/2008 Schrader, Devin The Formation and Alteration of the Renazzo-like Carbonaceous Chondrites