LPL Acquisitions for April-June 2018

2nd Quarter Acquisitions


Abrahams, Paul W. and Bruce R. Larson / UNIX for the Impatient. – 2nd ed. – Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., c1996.
QA76.76 .O63 A27 1996    (Donation)

Aho, Alfred V., Brian W. Kernighan, and Peter J. Weinberger / The AWK Programming Language. – Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., c1988.
QA76.73 .A95 A35 1988    (Donation)

The Atmosphere and Climate of Mars / [edited by] Robert M. Haberle, R. Todd Clancy, Francois Forget, Michael D. Smith, & Richard W. Zurek. – Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017.
QB643 .A86 A86 2017    (Cambridge planetary science ; 18)

Basalla, Susan Elizabeth and Maggie Debelius / “So What Are Your Going to do with that?” : Finding Careers Outside Academia. – 3rd ed. – Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2015.
HF5382.7 .B374 2015

Carr, Michael H. / The Surface of Mars. – Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2018, c2006.
QB641 .C3632 2006    (Cambridge planetary science series)

The Cassini-Huygens Mission / edited by Christopher T. Russell. – Dordrecht ; Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003-2004.
QB671 .C38 2003 v. 1-3    (Space science reviews ; v. 115, #1-4 (2004)

Catling, David Charles and James F. Kasting / Atmospheric Evolution on Inhabited and Lifeless Worlds. – Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017.
QC861.3 .C38 2017

Chondrules and the Protoplanetary Disk / R. H. Hewins, R. H. Jones, and E. R. D. Scott, editors. – Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1996.
QB758.5 .C46 C458 1995    (Donation)

Davidson, Norman R. / Statistical Mechanics. – New York : McGraw-Hill, 1962.
QC175 .D3 1962    (McGraw-Hill series in advanced chemistry)   (Donation)

The Design and Implementation of the 4.3BSD UNIX Operating System / by Samuel J. Leffler … [and others] – Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., c1989.
QA76.76 .O63 D474 1989     (Donation)

Goldberg, David E. / Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and Machine Learning. – Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., c1989.>br>QA402.5 .G635 1989   (Donation)

Graham-Smith, Francis and Bernard Lovell / Pathways to the Universe. – Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1988.
QB43.2 .G72 1988    (Donation)

Gustavii, Bjorn / How to Write and Illustrate a Scientific Paper. – 3rd ed. – Cambridge, U.K. : Cambridge University Press, 2017.
T11 .G86 2017

Haines, E. Lee / Lunar Scientific Model. – Pasadena, Calif. : Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 1969-71.
QB581 .H35 1969-1971 v. 1-2

Hanly, Jeri R. and Elliot B. Koffman / Problem Solving and Program Design in C. – 3rd ed. – Reading, Mass. : Addison Wesley, c1999.
QA76.73 .C15 H363 1999    (Donation)

Holland, Heinrich D. / The Chemical Evolution of the Atmosphere and Oceans. – Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1984.
QC879.6 .H63 1984   (Princeton series in geochemistry)   (Donation)

An Introduction to the Solar System / edited by David A. Rothery, Neil McBride, and Iain Gilmour. – 3rd ed., revised. – Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2018.
QB501 .I59 2018

Keane, James Tuttle / Tidal-Rotational Dynamics of Solar System Worlds, From the Moon to Pluto. – 2017.
QB3 .D1 K4 2017/THS    (Thesis (Ph.D.—Planetary Science) – The University of Arizona)

Kelsky, Karen / The Professor is in The Essential Guide to Turning Your Ph.D. into a Job. – New York, N.Y. : Three Rivers Press, c2015.
LB1778 .K45 2015

Koffman, Elliot B. / Pascal : A Problem Solving Approach. – Reading, Mass. : Addison Wesley, c1982.
QA76.73 .P2 K62 1982   (Donation)

Lapidus, Dorothy Farris / The Facts on File Dictionary of Geology and Geophysics. – New York : Facts on File, c1987.
QE5 .L36 1987/REF   (Donation)

McEwen, Alfred S., Candice Joy Hansen-Koharcheck, and Ari Espinoza / Mars : The Pristine Beauty of the Red Planet. – Tucson : The University of Arizona Press, 2017.
QB641 .M394 2017/DISPLAY

Miller, Kelly Elizabeth / The R Chondrite Record of Volatile-Rich Environments in the Early Solar System. – 2016.
QB3 .D1 M5 2016/ THS   (Thesis (Ph.D.—Planetary Science) – The University of Arizona)

Morrison, Sarah Jane / The Dynamics and Implications of Gap Clearing via Planets in Planetesimal (Debris) Disks. – 2017.
QB3 .D1 M6 2017/THS    (Thesis (Ph.D.—Planetary Science) – The University of Arizona)

Narlikar, Jayant Vishnu / The Lighter Side of Gravity. – San Francisco, Calif. : W.H. Freeman, c1982.
QB331 .N37 1982   (Donation)

New Frontiers in Astronomy : Readings from Scientific American / with introduction by Owen Gingerich. – San Francisco : W. H. Freeman, [1975]
QB51 .F74 1975   (Donation)

Rickman, Hans / Origin and Evolution of Comets : Ten Years after the Nice Model and One Year after Rosetta. – New Jersey : World Scientific, 2018, c2017.
QB721 .R634 2018   (Advances in planetary science ; v. 2)

Salisbury, John W., Louis S. Walter, and Dana D’Aria / Mid-Infrared (2.5 to 13.5 mm) Spectra of Igneous Rocks. – Reston, Va. : U.S. Geological Survey, Books and Open-File Reports Section, distributor, 1988.
QE461 .S2 1988   (U.S. Geological Survey open-file report ; 88-686)   (Donation)

Shepard, Michael K. / Introduction to Planetary Photometry. – Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2017.
QC391 .S54 2017

Sun, Peng / Charge-Particle Transport in Turbulent Magnetic Fields. – 2016.
QB3 .D1 S8 2016/THS   (Thesis (Ph.D.—Planetary Science) – The University of Arizona)

Thompson, Michelle Susan / Understanding Space Weathering of Asteroids and the Lunar Surface. – 2016.
QB3 .D1 T48 2016/THS   (Thesis (Ph.D.—Planetary Science) – The University of Arizona)

Viola, Donna / Expanded Craters on Mars : Implications for Shallow, Mid-Latitude Excess Ice. – c2017.
QB3 .D1 V5 2017/THS   (Thesis (Ph.D.—Planetary Science) – The University of Arizona)

Woolfson, Michael M. / A Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief Models of Planet Formation. – New Jersey : World Scientific, c2017.
QB503 .W657 2017