Spring 2010 Department News

LPL Hosts Arizona Meteorite Exhibition

On Saturday, January 30, 2010, LPL hosted the Arizona Meteorite Exhibition. This free public outreach event brought together meteorite hunters, collectors, and enthusiasts as part of an educational exhibition of the largest collection of Arizona meteorites ever gathered in one place. The goal was to exhibit at least one piece of every Arizona meteorite, with the help of statewide institutional partners and many private individuals. Among the items on display were specimens from the two observed and recovered Arizona meteorite falls: the Holbrook fall (1912) and the recent Whetstone Mountains fall (June 23, 2009).

Melinda Hutson (1996) traveled to Tucson for the event, bringing several Arizona meteorite samples that she had classified. Melinda and Alex Ruzicka (1996) run the 
Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory at Portland State University. Anna Spitz (1991) attended the exhibition to represent science outreach and education available through Biosphere 2 and the Mt. Lemmon Sky Center.

Dolores Hill (Senior Research Specialist and Maria Schuchardt (Program Coordinator Senior) organized the exhibition, which also featured lectures by Ed Beshore and Dante Lauretta. We estimate that approximately 350 guests came through the Kuiper building to learn about meteorites and LPL's work in that field. Dyer Lytle has made available some of his photos of the event.

Thanks to Dolores and Maria for all of their excellent work in putting together the exhibition!