Marcia Neugebauer Receives Two Honors

Marcia Neugebauer Receives Two Honors

Marcia Neugebauer, LPL Adjunct Research Scientist, has received not one, but two prestigious awards. She is the recipient of the 2010 Arctowski Medal, a distinguished award presented by the National Academy of Sciences to honor outstanding contributions to the study of solar physics and solar-terrestrial relationships. This prestigious medal also comes with a cash prize and a designated amount of institutional research support. Dr. Neugebauer is also the recipient of the Hale Prize of the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society, awarded for outstanding contributions to the field of solar astronomy.

Marcia has been the recipient of many awards throughout her distinguished career. In 2005, Marcia was named by the AGU as recipient of the 2004 Kaula award; the AGU citation for that award reads: "Marcia Neugebauer is one of the pioneers of the Space Age. She started work at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in June 1956 and contributed directly to the first identification and studies of the solar wind using some of the first space missions. Later Marcia brought her enthusiasm, thoroughness, and broad impact to the American Geophysical Union, including working for the AGU publications program as editor-in-chief of Reviews of Geophysics and then serving as president of the AGU."

Please join us in congratulating Marcia Neugebauer on being selected as the 2010 recipient of both the National Academy of Sciences' Arctowski Medal and the AAS Solar Physics Division Hale Prize.

More information about Dr. Neugebauer and her career is available on UA News.

Congratulations, Marcia!