Recent PTYS/LPL Graduates

Recent PTYS/LPL Graduates

Congratulations to our newest grads:

Eve Berger

Eve L. Berger, Ph.D., September 2011, Cubanite and associated sulfides in CI chondrites and comet Wild 2: Implications for aqueous processing (Lauretta). Eve will soon begin a NASA post-doctoral fellowship at NASA Johnson Space Center.

Kristin Block

Kristin Block, M.S., August 2011, Fulgurite classification, petrology and implications for planetary processes (Swindle). Kristin is a Staff Technician with the HiRISE program at LPL.

Naydene Hayes

Naydene Hays, M.S., August 2011, Geochronology of Shergottite meteorites: Using LA-MC-ICP-MS to examine U-Th-Pb systematics of baddeleyites and phosphates (Drake). Naydene is MESH Study Center Director, Olympic College (Bremerton, Washington).