Fall 2013 Department News

International Observe the Moon Night

October 12 was a busy night on the UA campus—in addition to Starlight Science Cinema, LPL students, faculty, and staff participated in events for International Observe the Moon Night, organized at the UA by Sanlyn Buxner (PSI Education and Research Specialist) and the Planetary Science Institute. Several hundred visitors got a good look at Luna using telescopes set up on the UA mall and operated by LPL, Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association, and Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. Flandrau Planetarium made available its 16-inch Cassegrain telescope and Professor Emeritus Robert Strom presented a talk on "Early Lunar Exploration and the Apollo Program." Dr. Steven Kortenkamp (PSI and LPL) discussed "A Brief History of Our Fascination with the Moon."

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