Rectified Lunar Atlas is online

The Space Imagery Center recently posted a navigable version of the Rectified Lunar Atlas (Supplement Number Two to the USAF Lunar Atlas) by Whitaker, Kuiper, Hartmann, and Spradley (1963).

The atlas is available from the Space Imagery Center Collection page. Users can click the cover image to access a page listing screens of the book's introduction. Below the introduction images, a Field Index gives a numbered grid layout of the lunar surface. The grid uses an image map to outline each numbered section of the index image. Clicking a section of the lunar surface provides a popup shadowbox that displays all images associated with that section of the index, labeled by index number and a letter set a–d or a–f. Thumbnails of all the images in the set are provided at the bottom of the shadowbox area. Users can “download” the higher-resolution version of the current image by clicking the link provided below the currently-viewed image. To navigate through the image set, hover over the left or right sides of the popup image, using the button options found at the top of the shadowbox area, or clicking the left or right arrow keys. More information about the images is available in the introduction.

Professor Shane Byrne is Director of the Space Imagery Center, a NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility. Maria Schuchardt is the center's Data Manager. Joshua Sosa, LPL webmaster, provided the technical know-how and expertise for making the atlas interactive.