Fall 2015 Graduate Student News

Spring 2015 GTA Award to Ethan Schaefer

Ethan Schaefer is the recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for Spring 2015. Ethan earned the award for his work as a GTA with Professor Joe Giacalone in the PTYS/ASTR 206 class, which is a General Education Natural Sciences Tier II  course. He is a fifth-year graduate student working with Professor Alfred McEwen.

The nominating comments from Ethan's students cited his mentoring and thoughtful grading, which included taking the time to explain how to improve the answers to homework problems and why a particular answer was incorrect. The students noted that he was always available and open to suggestions—one student wrote, "I always come away with a much richer understanding after going over lecture topics with him. One of the best TAs I've had."  Ethan gave three lectures during the semester, augmenting the instructor's material with  numerous well chosen online videos; students were impressed with his lecturing, praising him as a "phenomenal lecturer." Ethan also independently managed an in-class project that required students to present a report describing how science news is depicted in the media depending on the outlet. 

Recipients of the Outstanding GTA Award receive funds of up to $1,000 to support travel to a professional meeting of their choice.