PTYS/LPL Faculty

Lon Hood

Senior Research Scientist
Planetary & atmospheric physics, Theoretical astrophysics
Ph.D., 1979, UCLA

Kuiper 509B

Years with LPL: 1979 to present


My research is currently focused on two interdisciplinary areas: (1) Coupling between the Earth's stratosphere and troposphere; and (2) mapping and interpretation of planetary crustal magnetic fields.  The stratosphere / troposphere coupling work is especially oriented toward understanding the effects of short- and long-term solar ultraviolet variations on the stratosphere and any resulting top-down influences on tropospheric climate.  The planetary crustal magnetic field work is most recently aimed at mapping newly acquired orbital magnetometer data at Mercury and at resolving long-standing issues relating to the origin of lunar crustal magnetism.

Current Grants

  • Solar Influences on Tropical Deep Convection and the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO): Observational Analyses and Tests of a Proposed Mechanism, NSF Climate and Large-Scale Dynamics Program
  • Orbital Studies of Crustal Magnetism on Mercury, NASA Discover Data Analysis Program

Former Spacecraft Involvement

  • Lunar Prospector Discovery mission, Co-Investigator

Student Collaborations/Advising

Former Students

  • Fred Ciesla (PTYS)
  • Malori Redman (Atmospheric Sciences)

Students from outside UA PTYS

  • Wes Lee Johnson (Undergraduate, Space Grant)

Former Postdocs

  • Nicola Richmond
  • Boris Soukharev

Complete Publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: Lon Hood

Selected Publications: Calendar Year 2016 through July 2018

Hood, L. L., J. S. Oliveira, V. Galluzzi, and D. A. Rothery, Investigating sources of Mercury's crustal magnetic field: Further mapping of MESSENGER magnetometer data, J. Geophys. Res. Planets, submitted, 2018.

Maycock, A., K. Matthes, Susann Tegtmeier, H. Schmidt, R. Thieblemont, L. Hood, and CCMI PIs, The representation of solar cycle signals in stratospheric ozone. Part II: Analysis of global models, Atmos. Chem. Phys., in press, 2018.

Hood, L. L. Short-Term Solar Modulation of the Madden-Julian Climate Oscillation 2018JAtS...75..857H

Hood, L. L. QBO/solar modulation of the boreal winter Madden-Julian oscillation: A prediction for the coming solar minimum 2017GeoRL..44.3849H

Hood, L. L., Spudis, P. D.  Magnetic anomalies in the Imbrium and Schrödinger impact basins: Orbital evidence for persistence of the lunar core dynamo into the Imbrian epoch 2016JGRE..121.2268H

Maycock, A. C., Matthes, K., Tegtmeier, S., Thiéblemont, R., Hood, L.  The representation of solar cycle signals in stratospheric ozone - Part 1: A comparison of recently updated satellite observations 2016ACP....1610021M

Hood, L. L.  Magnetic anomalies concentrated near and within Mercury's impact basins: Early mapping and interpretation 2016JGRE..121.1016H

Hood, L. L.  Lagged response of tropical tropospheric temperature to solar ultraviolet variations on intraseasonal time scales 2016GeoRL..43.4066H

Misios, S., Mitchell, D. M., Gray, L. J., Tourpali, K., Matthes, K., Hood, L., Schmidt, H., Chiodo, G., Thiéblemont, R., Rozanov, E., Krivolutsky, A.  Solar signals in CMIP-5 simulations: effects of atmosphere-ocean coupling 2016QJRMS.142..928M

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