Space Situational Awareness

Space Situational Awareness Faculty

Erik Asphaug

Erik Asphaug


Vishnu Reddy

Associate Professor

Other Researchers Working in Space Situational Awareness

Adam Battle

PTYS Graduate Student

Stephen Schwartz

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Orbital space around our Earth is congested, contested and competitive. Our research group is actively working to ensure sustainable management of this valuable resource for future generations. Our spectroscopy lab is capable of characterizing space material under space-like conditions so we can better interpret spectral properties of objects in Earth orbit and uniquely identify them. We have a dedicated telescope for collecting visible wavelength spectral data (0.35-1.0 ┬Ám) of space objects. Undergraduate engineering students built the RAPTORS telescope that will enable us to characterize objects in geostationary belt.

Projects related to small bodies include characterization of near-Earth asteroids for planetary defense, asteroid-meteorite link, rapid recovery of meteorites using radar and ground-based support for spacecraft missions. Space surveillance topics of interest include daytime imaging, telescopic and laboratory spectral characterization of space materials, sensor tasking, and cyber infrastructure for big data.