TAPS 2019

The Art of Planetary Science: 15-17 November, 2019. Submissions now open.

Thank you to the over 700 people who visited the TAPS 2019 show this weekend!

Special thanks to the over 100 artists who presented their art this weekend, and made TAPS 2019 so great.


Download the 2019 Sales Binder (PDF)



Congratulations to all of our winners!

 Data Art: 

1st Place: 

Tucson Temperature Scarfs

Brenda Huettner

2nd Place:

Touching the Solar System

Steven Kortenkamp 

3rd Place: 

Juno's Van Gough

Ronald Cottrell

Fine Art: 

1st Place: 

Phyto-Ost 3

Andrew Lincoln Nelson

2nd Place: 


Jorge Vergeli

3rd Place: 


Rosie Johnson 

People's Choice: 

Fibonaccis Mandela

Simon Kregar



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