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Kuiper 233


Vishnu Reddy

Associate Professor

Asteroid Surveys, Cosmochemistry, Planetary Astronomy, Planetary Surfaces, Small Bodies, Space Situational Awareness, Spectroscopy

Dr. Reddy’s research focuses on understanding the behavior of space objects (natural and artificial) using a range of Earth and space-based assets. His work on natural moving objects (asteroids, near-Earth objects) is directed towards their characterization for impact hazard assessment/mitigation, asteroid-meteorite link and resource utilization. To this effort, Dr. Reddy uses the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility on Mauna Kea, Hawai’i.

The orbital space around the Earth is an invaluable resource that is increasingly becoming congested, contested, and competitive with the ever increasing threat from artificial and our adversaries. Dr. Reddy uses the same techniques used to characterize asteroid to study the behavior of artificial objects to identify their nature, intent and origin. He is setting up a space material characterization lab to observe the reflectance properties of natural (meteorites/minerals) and artificial space material in space like conditions. 

View LPL Evening Lecture from November 15, 2016, NEOCam Mission: Protecting the Earth One Asteroid at a Time

Ph.D., 2009, University of North Dakota

Years with LPL: Spring 2016

Current Grants


  • Spectral Characterization of Small Near-Earth Objects
  • Spectral Characterization of Geo-Stationary Objects
  • Doppler radar tracking and recovery of artificial and natural space debris
  • Characterization of Spacecraft Mission Targets
Period Role $k Source Short Title
2013-19 PI 900 NASA PMDAP Hayabusa Mission Data Calibration
2018-19 PI 100 NASA ECF Sagan Early Career Fellowship
2017-22 PI 736 NASA NEOO Characterization of Small NEOs
2014-18 Co-I 1000 NASA PMDAP Dawn Mission Data Calibration
2018-19 Co-I 120 ABOR RIF Characterization of NEO Mission Targets
2018-19 Co-I 109 NASA PDCO NEOCam Follow Up Tool Development


Current Spacecraft Involvement

  • OSIRIS-REx (Sample Return mission to NEA 101955 Bennu)
  • NEOCam (Discovery Extended Phase A Study)
  • DESTINY+ (Japanese Space Agency mission to NEO 3200 Phaethon)

Former Spacecraft Involvement

  • NASA Dawn Mission to Dwarf Planet Ceres

Current Graduate Students

  • Tanner Campbell (PhD Student: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering)
  • Adriana Mitchell (Senior: Optical Sciences)
  • Parker Noonan Kaufmann (Sophomore: Computer Science)
  • David Cantillo (Freshman: Geosciences)

Former Students

  • Joe Padish, 2019 (Senior: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering)

Current Postdocs

  • Juan Sanchez (PSI)

Former Postdocs

  • Michael Craig (LPL)


Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: Vishnu Reddy

Refereed Publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Years 2017 through 2019

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