Planetary Surface Processes Seminar

This seminar course will focus on discussion of planetary surfaces and their evolution, including geology of rocky planets and moons, icy surfaces and moons, regolith development, surface-atmosphere interactions, sub-surface structure and interiors, and climate change. The course will involve the exchange of scholarly information in a small group setting, including presentations and discussions of student research, reviews of recent science results and discussion of proposal ideas. Students will be expected to lead 1 to 2 presentations and participate in group discussions. This course is intended for graduate students; senior undergraduates may be able to enroll with permission of the instructor. Alternative Grading S, P, F; may be repeated for 10 completions/units.

Course Level: PTYS Graduate Elective
Course Credits: 1
Course Type: Graduate

Semester Section Instructor(s) Day/Time Location Resources
2021 Spring 001 Lynn Carter
2020 Spring 001 Lynn Carter W 2:00-3:00p.m. Kuiper 309
2020 Fall 001 Lynn Carter
2019 Fall 001 Lynn Carter W 2:30-3:30p.m. Kuiper 309 Syllabus

Course Level: 
PTYS Graduate Elective