PTYS/GEOS 551 Remote Sensing of Planetary Surfaces

This graduate course will focus on the use of remote sensing in the study of rocky and icy planetary surfaces. It is not a science course, but rather intended to provide technical knowledge of how instruments work and practical techniques to deal with their datasets. In this course, we will cover how different types of remote-sensing instruments work in theory and practice along with case studies (student-led) of specific planetary science instruments.  We will discuss what datasets are generated by these instruments, their limitations and where they can be located. Lab sessions will provide experience in how these data are processed, visualized and intercompared. The class consists of two lectures and a 2.5-hour lab session each week. Cross-listed with GEOS, equivalent to GEOS 551.

Course Level
PTYS Graduate Elective
Course Level Other
PTYS Graduate Elective
Course Credits
Course Type
Semester Section Number Instructor(s) Day/Time Location Resources
Fall 2024 001 Shane Byrne Tuesday, Thursday 11:00a.m.-12:15p.m. Kuiper 330 D2L
Fall 2024 001A Shane Byrne Friday 11:00a.m.-1:50p.m. Kuiper 330 D2L