Michael Daniel

PTYS/LPL Graduate Students

Michael Daniel

PTYS Graduate Student

Earth, Planetary Surfaces

B.A. Physics-Astronomy, 2020, Whitman College

Interests: My primary interests are in glaciology, mass accumulation on glaciers, and climate change impacts on glaciers. 

Research: My current research project is mapping out snow depths in the Gulf of Alaska to better understand glacier mass balance in this region. This is done by interpreting radar results from airborne and surface-coupled ground penetrating radar to extract seasonal snow accumulation amounts. Additional work is being done to compare these ground penetrating radar results to satellite and re-analysis products.

Field Experience: I have done field work on; Seward Glacier (Yukon, Canada), Galena Creek Rock Glacier (Wyoming, USA), and Sulphur Creek Rock Glacier (Wyoming, USA) to collect ground penetrating radar data and other geophysical data.

Major Advisor(s): Jack Holt
Minor Field(s) of Study: Atmospheric Sciences

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