PTYS/LPL Graduate Students

Kuiper 318


Michael Daniel

PTYS Graduate Student

Planetary Surfaces

Interests: My primary interests are in glaciology and climate change-glacier interactions. More broadly, I am interested in cryospheres on Earth and other planetary bodies. Due to the large-scale features of cryospheres, I am also interested in remote sensing of cryosphere features. 

Research: My current research project is mapping out snow depths in the Gulf of Alaska. This is done using CReSIS (Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets) snow radar soundings that were flown in 2018 and 2021 as part of NASA's Operation IceBridge and converting two-way travel time to a physical snow depth. The calculated snow depths can be combined with satellite remote sensing data and in-situ data to improve the accuracy of each snow depth measurement type and provide better coverage of the Gulf of Alaska region with corrected satellite remote sensing data. This research is relevant to understand better how glacier mass balance in the Gulf of Alaska is changing and how the melt from them will affect the sea-level rise.

B.A. Physics-Astronomy, 2020, Whitman College

Major Advisor(s): Jack Holt

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