Fall 2017 Department News

Recent PTYS Graduates

Congratulations to James Keane, Sarah Morrison, and Donna Viola, LPL's most recent grads!

Photo of James KeaneJames Keane is currently a postdoctoral associate at the Joint Center for Planetary Astronomy at CalTech. He defended his dissertation (Tidal-Rotational Dynamics of Solar System Worlds, from Mercury to Pluto) on May 12. Isamu Matsuyama was his advisor.  

Photo of Sarah MorrisonSarah Morrison defended The Dynamics and Implications of Gap Clearing via Planets in Planetesimal (Debris) Disks on May 10, and is now a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Pennsylvania. Sarah was advised by Kaitlin Kratter.

Photo of Donna ViolaDonna Viola defended her Ph.D. dissertation titled, Expanded Craters on Mars: Implications for Shallow, Mid-Latitude Excess Ice, on July 10. Shane Byrne served as Donna's advisor. Donna is currently working with Professor Byrne as a Research Specialist at LPL.