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Kuiper 524


Shane Byrne

Professor, Assistant Department Head

Ph.D., 2003, California Institute of Technology

Years with LPL: 2007 to present

Planetary Analogs, Planetary Geophysics, Planetary Surfaces, Titan & Outer Solar System

I am interested in surface processes on planetary bodies throughout the solar system, especially those processes that affect, or are driven by, planetary ices. I enjoy working with a diverse group of graduate students and postdocs. Our areas of activity include Martian ice stability, polar stratigraphy and connection to past climates; Ceres ice, both cryovolcanic and as a source of water vapor; and ice-sublimation landforms on a variety of bodies.

Missions are a big part of what we do. I’m a co-Investigator on the HiRISE and CaSSIS cameras at Mars and a Guest Investigator on the Dawn mission at Ceres. I’m also the director of the Space Imagery Center, a NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility. We archive planetary spacecraft and telescopic data not available online and conduct many outreach events.

Current Grants

  • Linking climate and geology: The recent accumulation of north polar ice on Mars
  • Physical and chemical evolution of airless landscapes
  • Volatiles on Ceres
  • Climatic Implications Of Non-Perennial Martian Water Frosts
  • Support for the Space Imagery Center: A NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility
  • Digitization And Public Archiving Of The Surveyor Imaging Dataset
  • Cold-Lightweight Imagers for Europa (C-LIFE)

Current Spacecraft Involvement

  • High Resolution Science Experiment (HiRISE): Co-Investigator
  • Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System (CaSSIS): Co-Investigator

Former Spacecraft Involvement

  • Dawn at Ceres: Guest Investigator
  • High-Resolution Stereo Color Imager (HiSCI): Deputy-PI
  • Chronos Mars-scout proposal (2006) Co-Investigator
  • MOSAIC Mars-scout proposal (2006) Co-Investigator
  • Boreale Explorer Mars-scout proposal (2006) Co-Investigator
  • Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) (2002-2006)
  • MIT manned lunar exploration initiative (2004-2005)
  • Landing site selection, Mars Polar Lander (1999)

Current Graduate Students

Former Students

  • Ali Bramson, 2018 (Ph.D. PTYS)
  • Margaret Landis, 2018 (Ph.D. PTYS)
  • Jonathan Bapst, 2018 (Ph.D. U. Washington)
  • Patricio Becerra, 2016 (Ph.D. PTYS)
  • Jamie Molaro, 2015 (Ph.D. PTYS)
  • Priyanka Sharma, 2012 (Ph.D. PTYS)
  • Serina Diniega, 2010 (Ph.D. Applied Mathematics)

Former Postdocs

  • Jonathan Bapst
  • Michael Sori

Current Staff Scientists

  • Michael Sori

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